Loading static files

To inline any static file in your template, use the inline_staticfile tag. The inlined content is not marked safe, do this by yourself if you’re sure that the included content is safe for html documents.

{% load inline_static_tags %}

{% inline_staticfile 'build/fake.txt' %}

<!-- or -->

{% inline_staticfile 'build/image.svg' as image %}{{ image|safe }}

Inlining javascript

If you want to inline javascript code, use the inline_javascript tag. The inlined content will be marked as safe.

{% load inline_static_tags %}

<script>{% inline_javascript 'build/critical.pkg.js' %}</script>

Inlining styles

To inline a css styles file, use the inline_style template tag.

The styles will be transformed by replacing any relative url in the content with absolute urls to make sure fonts, background images and other url() calls work after including.

{% load inline_static_tags %}

<style type="text/css">{% inline_style 'build/all.css' %}</style>